Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing involves being in open water, far from shore. You’ll typically be fishing in water at least 100 feet deep and chasing bigger fish that migrate offshore. This fishing style is often associated with big game fishing or sport fishing. If you want to catch a trophy, it’s the one you should use.

Deep Sea Fishing Gear

A typical deep-sea charter will have you fishing from a large boat, usually 30 feet. You will find many rods and reels suitable for different fish species on board.

Some boats have outriggers for trolling and electric reels to ‘deep drop’ – bottom fishing for deep-sea fish like tilefish or swordfish.

Deep Sea Fishing Hotspots in Florida

Both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. It is home to sportfishing’s birthplace, with a multitude of fishing spots. You must visit the Keys, Daytona Beach, and Destin, as well as Cape Canaveral and Daytona Beach.

What Should You Bring to a Deep-Sea Fishing Charter?

Sea Sickness Medication

If you don’t have great sea legs, make sure you take enough vitamins before your trip. Even half-day fishing trips can take you far from the coast, and longer trips can be very bumpy if there is less than ideal-weather.


Offshore fishing trips are most likely to start in the morning. The weather will heat up as the day progresses.


Sun Protection

You are very susceptible to sunburn when you’re out at sea. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are all you need to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Get Snacks and Drinks

Sea air can create a lot of appetites.

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