Know all about the low volume silicone molding

Molding has always been an effective way, especially injection molding. It has been one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of producing large quantities of products within any short period. With low volume silicone molding or any molding, several such products can be made and produced within a given time. This production continues up to the time there are enough products, and there is no need for more or the lifetime of the tool has been completed. However, low volume production has also led to the dejection of methods such as injection molding due to its initial high cost.

More about the low volume silicone molding

It is not because of any other reason but more specifically that injection molding used to cost a lot in the initial phase, making it quite difficult for smaller products to be sold. Another reason is that with the advent of 3D printers, they have managed to grab the spotlight, and people now seem to have moved from the former to make use of the latest technology and are the most preferred one.

There is also another low volume silicone molding known as vacuum casting. It is generally and more specifically used for lower models or low production of 3D models. With a single tool, it is possible to make as many as 20-30 duplicates of the same product. It is also possible only with polyurethane material.

This process is quite an elaborate method as it involves as many as five steps to go through. This process usually starts with a creative and very accurate so of the master model. In the second step, the mother or original model is shifted into a box into which silicon rubber is poured. After the mold has been cleared, it is cut perfectly so s to remove the mother model from inside it. After this, the structure or cavity of the perfect mold gets left behind. In the fourth step, using these mold cavities, various other products are produced with the help of polyurethane material.

Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum casting

There are numerous advantages as well as disadvantages to this method. Some of these areas enlisted below:-

  • Needless to say, the cost of creating a silicone mold is much lower than what is needed to mold steel. It is also said to be done in a much lesser lead time.
  • There are a wide variety of urethane materials available and the properties of which are closely related to the mold injected.

Its disadvantages are as follows: –

  • The first disadvantage is that the silicone material has a relatively short life compared to other methods.
  • After creating a specific number of molds, the production of more has to be or needs to be stopped.
  • The use of vacuum casts does not always produce highly accurate products and sometimes appears quite different from the injected mold as well highly accurate products and sometimes appears quite different from the injected mold.

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